Hard Skills, Requirements to Improve Your Career

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Hard skills and soft skills are not foreign terms for some people. Especially for fresh graduates, job seekers, or workers. When you want to apply for a job, you must include hard skills and soft skills so recruiters know that you meet the requirements needed by the company.

In order not to be confused with soft skills, in this post let’s discuss about hard skills. 

What are hard skills 

Hard skills are special skills or knowledge needed for a job. For example, for a Network Engineer job, the hard skills that must be possessed are understanding OSI Layer 7 standards, IP subnetting, routing, switching, and others. Nonetheless, to go after different positions, for example, Accountant, Graphic Designer, Copywriter, then, at that point, the hard skills required are certainly different.

Every job requires different hard skills. It depends on what kind of job you are doing or what you are doing.

In contrast with soft skills, hard skills are skills that can be learned and measured. Generally, hard skills can be learned and developed through formal education, courses, company training, or certification. Well, diplomas, training certificates, or awards are examples of tools to measure how well you master certain hard skills. In addition to showing how capable you are of a hard skill based on grades, diplomas and certificates are also clear evidence that you really master the hard skill.

Because of this, some jobs, such as Engineer and Accountant, often require certification. In addition to meeting the requirements for job vacancies, certification can also help improve your career, get a raise, get a promotion or promotion, and more

Example of hard skills

Hard skills help you to get the job done well. It is explicitly relying upon the specific work. Here are some examples of hard skills that you can write on your CV: Copywriting; Content Writing; UX Writing; data visualization; project management; web & app development, etc

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